Passion has no boundaries, if you believe in yourself and you follow your ambition with utmost devotion and zeal to achieve and live it “anyhow”.

We all want to be somebody or the other:  doctors, engineers, painter, dancer or musician , actor or sportsman . In that quest to be that someone how many of us do passionately follow our dream to make it a reality.


Most of the time it does happen that in our struggle to attainment of our dreams, we surrender our-self to the hardships and decide to leave it in between .  We forget that our passion, our ambition wants us to find ways to attain it .


So what if we cannot be in the main league of doctors  and other famous personalities.

Is the limit to fulfill are passion bound to being in the main league ?


The world we live in has evolved with passage of time. It has advanced with change in each Century and decade.

Rather we need not go too far. In this 24 hrs, changes have taken place in so many aspects of your life and around us. But how many of us has the realization and made an effort to grown with that change towards a more fulfilling and profitable life.

We are a part of this fast moving, ever maturing, growing, adapting, adjusting and innovating and transforming time Machine.

This Time Machine does not and will never stop for anyone .This fact we all are aware of in our sub-conscious mind but in reality very few of us are able to keep abreast of this continuous change. Thus those people have succeed in changing the time for themselves there by not just scaling up the ladder of success but maintaining their level of success by evolving with time.

Therefore, It becomes imperative and utmost necessity to walk with the change and development that is happening around us.

Every day we get 24 hrs and in this 24 hrs there are so many thing that we have to tackle, deadlines that we have to meet and challenges we face.

So where is the time to learn new things and keep up with the changes?

Earnestly, i agree that we don’t have time since we are already occupied with the load of deliveries and day to day cores of life…. but this fact is also true with Time. Time also says that I don’t have time for people who cannot change with me …

So if we actually give it a thought then time and we are interlinked and If we learn to manage time properly   then that TIME WELL HANDLED WILL reward us with the fruit of our success, isn’t it?

And trust me guys, it is as simple as a pie. Just need to keep in mind that, “nothing comes for free” and “take the first step.”

 As rightly said by George Eliot,” It is never too late to be what you might have been”.

So take that first flight towards a more fulfilling life by :

  • Waking up early to learn new skill that can give you a boost in your professional and personal growth.
  • Learn on your commute through podcasts or watch videos and tutorials or just read and be enlighten.
  • Eliminate other distractions by figuring out a time of day when you are able to focus the most in order to accomplish more in short duration.
  • Give a pat on your back for starting.
  • Track your schedule and thereby using that free time to learn something new. Also with tracking of schedule, it will help you to prioritize your work and bring clarity of tasks which if performed will directly lead you to your goals.
  • And finally ,Optimization is the need of the hour. Try to figure out ways to finish your task well before time and multi-tasking.

Also not to forget in the process of learning new things it is all the more necessary to be cognizant of the changes that are happening with the blink of an eye.

I have taken the first step, have you….?

“Don’t let time control you, let it be controlled by you and you will see the difference”.



It’s time to welcome in New Year and say good bye to 2017.Another year of our life is about to end. A year full of memories to hold on to, experiences to learn from, changes we made and discoveries that we created. Some losses from which we gained the experience to make it better next time.

Each year teaches us lot of things and expects from us by giving a chance to bring change with the New Year; a chance to be new again. To start afresh, write another story, make new discoveries and bring in change for a better you.

For me 2017 has been a year of exploration. It has been a year of discovering the extremes in me.A year of understanding what I am and what I need to be. It has indeed been a learning year.

This year gave me a lot of first time experiences. I was not only able to achieve my resolution of getting fitter but I was also able to discover my  skills of expressing my thoughts in form of words and has definitely brought me more closer to the world which helped me to learn different attitudes ,thought process and to understand the reel and the real.

Again it is the first time that I’m as a matter of fact evaluating and analyzing the year which is about to become a memory. The reason which makes me do this is to make sure I do not end up walking the same road that I have been for so long.

I want this learning to continue for the years to come. I want to become wiser with the passing year. I want to become stronger, I want to become more caring, more understanding, and I want to give more of what I have. I want to understand different minds.

“I don’t wish to change anything around me. I want to change only ‘ME’.”

I want to take this chance to create a new story, to explore a newer me and crave a new path which will lead me to another new story waiting to be created.



“Usher in new year with open arms and happy heart”, says the passing year,

Coz you are the chosen one to see the rising sun and the twinkling stars of the year ahead.

Move ahead with the memories of me and the experience of the past to create a better path.

Take the chance, bring in change, and don’t let it be just another year;

Explore yourself and earn the losses b’coz u have gained the learning to become stronger…

Take more care of yourself and act wisely b’coz this life is too precious to be wasted.

Don’t settle for contentment, wish for more and be ready to sweat b’coz the year is ready to give you more.

“Usher me in”, says the new year. Take the chance to experience the newer you and to take all that I have for you….

-Neha Saxena Khatri




Last night you came in my dream, unexpected; knocking on the doors of my sleep, asking to let you in my dream world.

I was so enchanted and delighted with your unexpectedness that I quickly opened the doors to let you in.

Enthralling and over the top with my eyes shining bright, beaming with love for you and anxious to take you in my arms….wrap you around and hug you tight.

Oh! It was indeed mesmerizing to find you in my dreams after all.

You standing at the door with a charming smile and the look in your eyes that sends a shiver down my veins and my body trembling with the urge to be in your tight grip and swim along the current of emotions and thoughts glistening through your eyes.

Aha! How could I not let you in this world where it is just you and me…..; no conditions, no boundaries., no space for right and wrong…..This space which belongs to us , two lonely bodies waiting and wanting to stay attached.

Your presence made my heart beat for miles, your touch made me feel so soft and vulnerable, and your kiss so warm that I enveloped myself in this warmness. You made me feel wanted; you made me feel complete…. your presence made me miss a heartbeat….. Yes it is you for whom my heart beats & skips and every second it says your name and cries every night to be with you.

Last night, how could I let it be just another night of waiting with the desire to hold you and be in your arms, to feel your strong, muscular touch, to give you umpteen kisses and to be lost in your eyes that speak a thousand unspoken emotions; To sit on your lap, to play with your hair, with your ear lobe ,to run down my finger along your face and your body until we are wrapped under the same sheet where our bodies are dying to become one and with each breath I take,makes me crave for more .

Last night you were mine and I was yours , staying close to you , hiding my face in your neck , all cuddled up in your lap , lost in your hug, I closed my eyes and went in deep sleep of contentment.

I don’t wish to wake up…. want to freeze this time … this unexpected dream.

Oh! With your unexpected presence I’m pleased as punch.

Tonight with the hope to meet you again ..I close my eyes. Please do come by.

I will wait for you at the door step.



Looking at the water simmering on the stove slowly and gently staying just below the point of boil over and you to turn up the knob for it to flow over but immediately when it is about to; you  simmer it again.

It is so fun playing with this process. Isn’t it?

I can so relate this process of simmer and boil over with our emotions .

This  emotion knob by which we let our thoughts, feeling  simmer slowly and slowly without realizing that in case if we lose control on the knob it will boil over and create a mess .

So instead of creating that mess at the first place, let it not come to that stage of simmer.

“Simmering emotions like boiling water, waiting to flow over  and destroy whatever comes it’s way.Don’t let it simmer in your heart in your mind. Handle it wisely before it is too late.”

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