Last night you came in my dream, unexpected; knocking on the doors of my sleep, asking to let you in my dream world.

I was so enchanted and delighted with your unexpectedness that I quickly opened the doors to let you in.

Enthralling and over the top with my eyes shining bright, beaming with love for you and anxious to take you in my arms….wrap you around and hug you tight.

Oh! It was indeed mesmerizing to find you in my dreams after all.

You standing at the door with a charming smile and the look in your eyes that sends a shiver down my veins and my body trembling with the urge to be in your tight grip and swim along the current of emotions and thoughts glistening through your eyes.

Aha! How could I not let you in this world where it is just you and me…..; no conditions, no boundaries., no space for right and wrong…..This space which belongs to us , two lonely bodies waiting and wanting to stay attached.

Your presence made my heart beat for miles, your touch made me feel so soft and vulnerable, and your kiss so warm that I enveloped myself in this warmness. You made me feel wanted; you made me feel complete…. your presence made me miss a heartbeat….. Yes it is you for whom my heart beats & skips and every second it says your name and cries every night to be with you.

Last night, how could I let it be just another night of waiting with the desire to hold you and be in your arms, to feel your strong, muscular touch, to give you umpteen kisses and to be lost in your eyes that speak a thousand unspoken emotions; To sit on your lap, to play with your hair, with your ear lobe ,to run down my finger along your face and your body until we are wrapped under the same sheet where our bodies are dying to become one and with each breath I take,makes me crave for more .

Last night you were mine and I was yours , staying close to you , hiding my face in your neck , all cuddled up in your lap , lost in your hug, I closed my eyes and went in deep sleep of contentment.

I don’t wish to wake up…. want to freeze this time … this unexpected dream.

Oh! With your unexpected presence I’m pleased as punch.

Tonight with the hope to meet you again ..I close my eyes. Please do come by.

I will wait for you at the door step.

Author: limitlessalways

Trying to be free of any limits.... Trying to explore my imagination and take my readers to a whole new world of limitlessness.

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