Looking at the water simmering on the stove slowly and gently staying just below the point of boil over and you to turn up the knob for it to flow over but immediately when it is about to; you  simmer it again.

It is so fun playing with this process. Isn’t it?

I can so relate this process of simmer and boil over with our emotions .

This  emotion knob by which we let our thoughts, feeling  simmer slowly and slowly without realizing that in case if we lose control on the knob it will boil over and create a mess .

So instead of creating that mess at the first place, let it not come to that stage of simmer.

“Simmering emotions like boiling water, waiting to flow over  and destroy whatever comes it’s way.Don’t let it simmer in your heart in your mind. Handle it wisely before it is too late.”


Author: limitlessalways

Trying to be free of any limits.... Trying to explore my imagination and take my readers to a whole new world of limitlessness.

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