Why does it happen that sometimes we like being in the company of some people and at other times from some people we just want to stay away? Many a times it has happened with me and in those numerous occasions I have tried to reason it and what I can infer from all this is that these are “Vibrations”.

I feel it around me all the time. It’s like they are trying to convey some message.

I strongly believe that each person has a magnetic force within him. This magnetic force transmit vibrations in some form or the other knowingly or unknowingly in the form of the way we present ourselves, through our body language and our thoughts. Like everything else in the world having two sides to itself, these energies or vibrations or magnetic force, which ever name you would like to call it by also have two sides being positive and negative.

It changes as per the situation and circumstances .At times, the change is so strong and powerful that a certain vibration overpowers us to the extent that it controls our thoughts, mind and body for a long time, thereby turning us into that particular energy.

That’s why with some we feel at ease and happy while with others we want to run away.

In today’s world where every day our connection boundary is expanding and with the advancement in social networking site which has further helped in bringing the world more closer to us. It has become all the more imperative to take into consideration whom we let in our life .Understanding the fact that one cannot always keep away from the negative energies. However we can always protect ourselves by identify these energies within us or being transmitted from outside and prepare our mind so that it does not cause much harm.

But at times it does happen that the cognizance of the negative effect on your body and mind is not until the harm is already done.

Definitely circumstances play a crucial role. The intensity of struggle and acuteness of your problems that you face affects your thought process.

In this processing of thoughts, it all depends upon us, which side we give more importance.

So whenever I’m in a fix, the first thought that comes in my mind is, what will happen next, what if something goes wrong? Making me feel as if it is the end and there is no getting out of it.

I guess it is natural to imaging the worst than to look at the brighter side of it. When you are worried and when things do not turn as per your plan, instantly these dark clouds of negative thoughts capture our mind. Thus, making us worried, impatient, anxious and depressed. These negative thoughts prevents us from seeing the right path and feels like everything has shutdown with in and around us. But somewhere among these dark clouds of thoughts there is still a tiny ray of hope breathing.  But since the power of negative force is so strong that we tend of ignore it and give least important.

In such situations it becomes all the more necessary to cling on to this tiny bit of hope and keep on reminding our self that things will improve for good. You will realize that this little positive reminder will bring such immense happiness and will attract such magnetic force which will help you to see the path leading to positive life.

So for me life is nothing less than a Maze. At every step you will face hurdles. But how you tackle these hurdles will define you.

I feel that after every couple of years, we should try to evaluate our self in term of the changes we have gone thought, how we use to think before and now and the capability with which we handle a certain situation. Once we evaluate will we definitely realize whether these situations have made us negative or positive and will give answers to lot many question of our life and help us be a better person and to be loved by all .

Never let these dark clouds of thoughts control you forever. Focus on your actions and remind yourself that nothing is constant and keep on evolving and spread positivity.


Author: limitlessalways

Trying to be free of any limits.... Trying to explore my imagination and take my readers to a whole new world of limitlessness.


  1. Expressed beautifully Neha !!!

    It is absolutely true that our feelings and thoughts radiate in our Aura.

    That’s why the sheer presence of a person with good/pure thoughts makes us feel good and positive.

    Liked by 1 person

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