Staring at an open space with numerous thoughts running like zigzag taking sharp turns one after the other or at times just staring at that space without any thought gives such a peace . It takes you to another world with only happiness, peace and joy of flying free. It’s an escape land where lives only you and your thoughts free from all the worldly worries and stress around. It’s like experiencing a Sense of tranquillity. 

This empty space helps you to connect with your inner self to find answers to lot of questions that one otherwise is unable to get. This space is like discovering something new about you. I like being in this space where it’s just me and no one else. This space gives me a feeling of being surrounded by freshness and serenity. Just being lost in your dreams with eyes wide open without blinking. The joy that it gives just staring at that space is like imagining you up above in the universe with open space filled with nothing but just emptiness. And trust me this emptiness is not boring but matter of fact I love this emptiness as it gives me satisfaction of being in that space which i can call mine. This space has no walls, no boundaries, no ends and is filled with freshness, sparkle and positivity and good feelings.


In this space I can lay down my feelings, my thoughts without thinking twice of being judged or being typecast.


This space is free , its mine and its me…..


Author: limitlessalways

Trying to be free of any limits.... Trying to explore my imagination and take my readers to a whole new world of limitlessness.

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