So I have been lately thinking rather over-thinking, “if true love actually exists and what is the formula for it to survive till eternity?” This word, “LOVE” so simple yet so complicated and I know that there are infinite books and articles written on it but I’m sure we all will have different experiences and thoughts to share, right?

This tiny little 4 letter word yet so powerful, I have started to believe that it is not just a word but it is  a  MAGIC WAND which puts you under its spell, completely controlling you and making you do crazy ,stupid laughable things and you break every bound and every barrier for that one thing you love passionately. It makes you ignore all the flaws in that person and reality of life.

We make hundred of promises and dream of how our life will be together. I always believed that it should rather turn out as we dream and decide but it does not really happen that way or may be just for a short duration.

Why is it that with passage of time love tends to fade; the excitement and attraction that once existed tends to decrease? Does time and circumstances play such an important part for the survival of love? I guess, It is very easy to fall in love but to sustain it till the end with the same passion and hunger is all together another side of love which we only get to experience when two people start living together.

Most of us must have at some point of time experienced love for that one person who made us go insane and because of whom we have had sleepless nights, with whom we have dream of spending our entire life, dream of having a family and for whom we were more than happy to make scarifies, adjustments and compromise. After all, love is about being selfless. But again do we really end up having a life as beautiful as bed of roses? I know that roses also have thorns but then why once you get your love; life becomes more of thorns than roses? Why do we forget the real purpose for which we decided to stay together forever? Why do we start taking our partners for granted?

When we say, “I love you” , do we really love that person much enough to keep him happy all his life because change is inevitable , that’s the only thing constant in this world. More over even if change happens then why the intensity of love also changes after all it is said that change is always for good . Why it can’t remain same for ever or is it the mature form of love? I really believe that love is blind  because when one finally gets their love then they start to see the real person and then comes the phase of changing that person and trying to making him/her like that perfect one that you always dreamt about.

I ASK WHY? … Why do you have to change that person why do you want that person to adjust and sacrifice and be some one that is not him/her. I guess if it is Love then just let him/ her be the way it is. Nobody is perfect and why anybody ever has to be perfect? For that matter, is love perfect? I say a definite “NO” because if it was then it would have been something else.

It’s like you have loved somebody so madly that you want that person to be in your life forever irrespective of all the flaws; and finally when he /she is part of your life then the craziness and attraction and that greed just decreases. We get so busy with our lives that we forget about all those sleepless nights and insane things that we once did and the struggles we went through to make that person our part. Why do we stop doing those crazy ,stupid things that made us crazy for each other?

You know what? I really feel that true selfless love is when you accept your love the way it is without any expectation without any judgement and accepting that love is not perfect that nobody is perfect and when we accept that imperfection I guess love will prevail. It will exist for ever till eternity.

Change is good but changing somebody for your good is not good, it is definitely not love…

I have always imagined love as a state of mind making you desperate, hungry, impatient, anxious, sad, happy, lustrous for the one in this world who is your world beyond whom u do not, cannot and would not like to see anything . Love is when you are lost in your own thought, smiling on your own, thinking about that imperfect that is just perfect for you. For whom you will be ready to go to any extreme without thinking twice about any relation in this whole word.

Love is when even after years of spending time together you still feel that craziness and simply accepting the person and giving all that you have and accepting all that your partner has to give and just loving without any if’s and buts’.

I don’t know if there is any formula for limitless love …. I’m still trying to figure out … in case anyone of you have already please share your views…..


Author: limitlessalways

Trying to be free of any limits.... Trying to explore my imagination and take my readers to a whole new world of limitlessness.

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