She fell in love with a dream… a dream so real that she was living it… without even realizing that once awake it will be gone…. gone forever leaving forever prints on her heart and mind like a stubborn stain.

She fell in love with a dream that was too dangerous to live in with but still It was a dream that she wanted to hold tight ….not let it she was happy breathing it.

A dream though not perfect but it excited her and made her want more. A dream that made her forget her …her identity and her principles . It made her go insane with the desire to possess it.

It made her go insane with the desire to feel it ….. to make it hers. It made her forget that it was just a dream like another and not to get too close.

But, was it really like another? coz …It was a dream so alluring and captivating that she drifted like a freewheel far way from reality…. a reality that was her …. a reality that she was putting on stake for a dream that was just another ….

It was insane but she was so madly in love with the fiction that made her forget the real world around her

This dream made her cross all the boundaries.. it explored a new side to her that she was unfamiliar with and it made her go to the extremes that no sane person would dare to…

Desire , possession , greed, hunger for that dream to make it her’s was so strong that she let herself drift away…..Aware of the destruction,if it ever came in touch with the reality that was her.

A dream…. so real….. so dangerous … so insane….. yet she choose to fall for it!!!













Author: limitlessalways

Trying to be free of any limits.... Trying to explore my imagination and take my readers to a whole new world of limitlessness.


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