Hey my little angel I want to say thanks for giving me an opportunity to be called your MOM…

You are special…you are my angel….you are my soul… my flesh….my heart beat… you are me…

I never realized what is to be a mother until you came into my life.

The first time I held you, saw you, kissed you on your tender rosy swollen lips … tears of joy rolled down… That day a mother was born,Unaware of the hardships, the society expectations… the benchmark on which I was to proof yet again to be a perfect mother.

Until you came into my life, I could never understand the sorrow, the worries, the different shades of love that one feels as a parent.

The true meaning of being patient, of being protective, of unconditional love… you made me experience.

You made me experience the beauty of being a mother.

Yes, you made my day and night topsy-turvy… you made me doubt myself… you made me realize that it is not easy to be, “MY MOTHER”.

You made me test my patience, my anger…. the extreme in me…. But honey it was worth every bit ….

I know that in these years ,I have not been a perfect mother , I have not always been AMAZING, STRONG,LOVING,HAPPY, SELFLESS AND GRACEFULL…How I hated myself for every beating, scolding.. For my rude behavior….yet you accepted me…loved me… hugged me and said mom,” it is OK”….You accepted me despite of my flaws


With each passing day…months….years you have helped me grow as a mom … with every compliment “Mom you look beautiful”, you have put me on cloud nine….how u have made me feel special and wanted when you say, “ mom,what will I be without u”, and those afternoon phone calls that you make after coming back from school asking, “ mom when will you come back from office and insisting me to come back now”…

I just want to say that, you are my lifeline, you are my everything… I’m bcoz of you… I will always love you and be proud of your success and failures.. I will always stand beside you … holding on to you.. I will always let you be yourself, be what you want…. Go where you feel and marry whom you want…

I will never impose myself …as you are not me….you are you … you are different…you are unique.



































Author: limitlessalways

Trying to be free of any limits.... Trying to explore my imagination and take my readers to a whole new world of limitlessness.

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