“I just want to stay in your arms, feel your strong, sensual body and listen to your heartbeat, I feel so secure and so wanted….you make me complete….don’t want this time to ever change… be with me forever and ever.”


“I just want to stay in your arms, feel your strong, sensual body and listen to your heartbeat, I feel so secure and so wanted….you make me complete….don’t want this time to ever change… be with me forever and ever.

How I have been for so long wanted someone to love me…. Care for me, protect me and make me feel like a woman, someone with whom I can be myself, not pretentious….  to whom I don’t have to prove my existence.

How I have been longing to be loved passionately and to be held so tight and near that even the air would dare to pass.

You are the one I want to spend rest of my life with, grow old with and to feel a sense of gratification of the time spent together.

You make me go weak on my knees…I want to say it again and again…… I Love you and will always do”


MONAAAAAA … get up, aren’t you getting late for work? When are you going to grow up, you have to understand your responsibilities….. Get up, I said….Who is going to do the cleaning and dusting and make breakfast.

Mom, please let me sleep….. Mona enough, get up quickly, there is pending household chores you need to finish before you leave.

Mummy….. plzzzzz, “why do you always do this?” At times, I feel as if I’m your step daughter.

Enough Mona, I don’t care what you feel. I am your mom and will always want the best for you and if it takes being harsh then be it. You are a woman and there are certain badges that you are born with and the sooner you realise the better it is for you.  After your marriage nobody is going to come for your support and explain you all these….

At the back of her mind….her thoughts were moving like a never ending rollercoaster ride, full of madness and rigmarole, “Oh God!! What is my fault? Did I ask them to bring me in this world? Why such behaviour? Please take me away, I don’t wanna be here … I don’t wanna ….I don’t wanna…. I don’t wanna…. please….. Just take me away….and tears start to roll down her soft rosy cheeks.

MONA…. sweet name, isn’t it…. she is just as sweet as her name. I would like to describe her as,” damsel-in-distress”.

She is a flawless beauty in her mid 20’es, immaculate personality and very ladylike in her behaviour who loves to see this world through rose-coloured glasses and hopelessly romantics.

Mona is well spoken, always courteous and generous in every manner.

She is the eldest one followed by a pampered and spoilt younger brother.

Her parents have always been more protective about her brother….as usual not wanting first girl child.

But she has never let that difference affect her; she has rather taken all this ignorance and indifferent behaviour of her parents in her stride. She is no doubt, a very strong, positive and independent girl.

The only regret she has is that if her parents could understand her just once and see that unconditional love and respect that she still has for them; and how she has been sacrificing all her desires and ambitions just to be an apple of their eyes.


Its 5 am in the morning (while all her other girl friends are still sleeping tight lost in their own fantasy world), she gets up from the bed without any hesitation and any glimpse of regret.

Does the cleaning and prepares breakfast while her mom is out for morning walk. She gets ready and leaves for office.

“Bye mom & Dad, see you in the evening”.

Mom shouts, “Better be early, you have to cook dinner”

{Reached office}…Good morning! Mona. How are you? You look lovely as usual… her boss says.

Good morning, Boss! She replies with a smile to show her acknowledgement.

Her boss is extremely happy with her work…..and why not! After all she has in these last 3 years,displayed exemplary dedication and sincerity in delivering her goals.

She works in a successful Media Company as Hr Executive.Office is one place where she loves to be…. to be surrounded with people who appreciate her and give her importance… to be surrounded by smiling faces.She is liked and adored by not one but all. She indeed has lot of admirers….some secret ones among the opposite sex and why not after all she is young, beautiful, intelligent, and considerate and has a mind of her own.Though she has also had her share of heartbreaks of which she has no regrets and rather those experiences have made her stronger and understand relationships at a different level all together.

She believes that in this journey of life, lot of people will cross your path bringing with them both good and learning experiences but no bad experience.

So later in the day, the boss called Mona to his cabin to inform her that a Senior manager will be joining tomorrow whom she will report to and that she will have to take care of his requirements and introduce him to the staff and make him feel comfortable.

Next day….

Mona reached office a little before time … she put her bag in the drawer, turned on her system, went to the rest room for some touch up…. made herself black coffee ….; Ready to give her best for the day.

She was busy making last minute amendments to the report that she needed to submit to her boss. The office boy came, “Ma’am, he is here, our new senior manager”.

She asked the office boy to make him feel comfortable in the conference room.

After a few minutes, Mona got up and made a move towards the conference room. She is dressed in off white translucent shirt paired with solid navy blue pencil skirt showing off her delicate, hourglass figure, with her open jet black, wavy, shoulder length hair. She teamed it up with heels. She looked splendid and impressive.

She pushed the conference room door to make an entry…..OUCH!!! She bangs into this broad, masculine, well build body.

“Oops!!! Sorry…. I’m sorry…. I’m extremely sorry … did I hurt you?”  Mona said in her shaky voice.

“Oh no…. Not at all”, says this tall, attractive looking man in his late 30’s … “rather I should be apologising for startling you.”

He was taken aback by this beauty and same was the case with her. The moment their bodies touched each other a wave of some sort of magnetic current gushed through their bodies.

After apologising to each other they decided to get themselves seated in the conference room, Mona introduced the company and herself, in the mean time her boss also joined in with the rest of the team and took over the discussion and then the normal greetings, introduction and understanding of roles and responsibilities followed.

The day passed….

Manas  was her boss with whom she will now have to work closely.

She was both excited and nervous…

Days and months passed by, Manas was happy with her dedication, perseverance and crystal clear knowledge of her work.

Same was the scenario with Mona; she had in these few months started to admire him.

Manas was this young , attractive  , successful and down to earth man , who respected women and humans as a whole, a thorough professional,  eager to know the tiniest bit of details  no matter how unnecessary it may seem, always treating employees first as humans and then as anything else.

She was indeed smitten and taken by this man.

Somewhere deep in their minds and heart they both knew and could mutually feel the liking for each other which they refrained to show.

As the months passed, it was almost a year of them working together. It was also the time for team outing to none other than paradise on earth ….GOA.

The annual Team outings always happened in the month of September. These outings were a way of informal enjoyment with the team with whom you have sweated your hard-work an entire year to meet the goals and targets.

Mona could never in these 3 years be a part of all this fun, all thanks to her parents.

But this time Manas was not ready to hear any of her excuses and insisted her to come along.

After a few days of pleading and arguments, Mona managed to convince her parents for the trip.

She was very excited and looking forward to all the fun and thrill.

Finally the day arrived… she was flying to Goa…. On the plane they both were seated together. During their journey, they discussed about life, work, sharing of personal information about family, ambitions, friends, life partner and marriage.

In all, it was more like get to know each other talk which they both enjoyed.

The staying arrangements were done in five star hotel with sea view. Lots of out-door activities and pool parties were also arranged.

In most of the fun activities, it so happened that most of the time she had to perform the activities with Manas along with few other team mates.

She could feel how he was supporting and encouraging her to perform better and every time she failed; he would either give her a hug or just casually run his fingers through her hair.

In the night parties they use to dance their heart out and drink as if there will be no tomorrow…

All this thrill and blast of excitement gave Mona a sense of refreshment. She was just praying that this madness should never end.

Unknowingly all this had brought them more closer since she did confess naughtily while dancing that how she liked being under him and felt privileged to be working under such handsome looking boss.

Manas also for the first time without thinking twice about their levels at work agreed that even he admired her and was happy to have her in his team and he found her very beautiful and attractive.

At the very moment it was like time had stopped for Mona… tears started to roll down her soft delicate, creamy like skin. She just ran towards her room leaving everything behind.

Manas felt ashamed and embarrassed…

Final day arrived. It was sunny morning; lavish breakfast was laid out for the staff near the beach.Mona came in with her friends wearing this beautiful halter neck maxi dress exposing her slender and delicate shoulders.

Manas looked at her and said,” Hello, hope you are feeling better?” She nodded and said,” Would like to talk about the last night after the breakfast.”

After breakfast they both met near the beach where nobody was there to notice them. He apologised for last night and the same very moment he could see her in tears, her pain, her suffering which she never dared to discuss it with anyone.However this time she dares to bare it all letting her emotions flow like a river, she told him how all this while she has been this neglected, unwanted child and how she had always sacrificed her wishes, desires, dreams to be her parent’s favourite…. how she had been longing to be with someone who could understand her……. to be loved and wanted and one who could give her that sense of security and make her feel like a woman.

Manas immediately hugged her, gave a kiss on her forehead and said everything will be fine.

The entire day passed with meetings and games.

It was finally time for Beach party…..

Mona was dressed in a beautiful red off shoulder dress, with her hair open and little makeup.

She looked ravishing, sexy and dazzling.Everyone looked at her and appreciated her beauty…. She was no doubt the prettiest girl in the party.

Manas was standing near the bar unaware of her existence in the party, with a glass of whiskey, talking to the management team discussing about the growth plan and other business related things but at the back of his mind he was still thinking about the morning chat with Mona.

How all this while he never saw the pain behind this beautiful and ever smiling face of Mona and how all this while she never let her emotions affect her work.

His admiration and respect for her swelled up even more after this outburst.

He had indeed started to like her; he wanted to give her the love and attention that she had been missing for so long.

At the very moment he turned his head towards the crowd and was awestruck by this “BEAUTY in RED… Mona”. She looked at him and from a distance they exchanged smile. He excused himself from the group to greet her.

He complimented her that she looked stunning and gorgeous.

She looked in his eyes and smiled…. she too complimented him by saying that he looked handsomely attractive… By now they both knew that they liked each other and there was more to it….

The party started to rock and roll with the ticking of clock.Everyone was dancing, enjoying the last day of their outing.

Manas , managed to muster all the courage and approached her,”Let’s go somewhere away from this crowd, I want to talk to you”, She without thinking twice about time or anything else agreed to go along.

It was a beautiful night with clear sky and stars shining bright spreading their magic all around….hiding under the sheets of darkness those emotions and feeling waiting to burst out… the sea playing its music like never before, with every wave touching the shore …trying to push out those unsaid words….. that fluttering breeze waiting to hear the music of love…. music of love that has never been said before…..

They walked along the seaside… after a few meters of walk when they were finally away from all the noise and madness.

Manas stopped….. holding her face in his hands, he finally opened up about his feelings for her and like the cascade of waterfall he expressed his emotions. He told her how he was mesmerised with her beauty the first time they bumped into each other and more so after today’s morning chat. How he has been wanting to feel her, take her in his arms, passionately kiss her and play with her hair and give her unconditional love that she has been craving for.

Every word, every desire, every expression was erupting like a volcano that has been, “dormant” for years unknown….

He was so close that she could feel his deep breath, his heart pounding fast, and his tight grip…waiting to take her in his arms ….to love her passionately.

He wanted to give her all the care she ever wished for and guard her against all the odds… to be her “MAN” on whom she can count on forever and ever.With whom she wanted to spend rest of her life, grow old with and to feel a sense of gratification of the time spent together…..

It was like…. the clock stopped ticking…. her heart pounding fast….. her body shivering with the desire to be taken…. she just closed her eyes and said STAY WITH ME…..

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